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Dana Murray Podcast

Episode 1. - Pilot 


Yo! Whats up! So here's the thing- we all know that humans are messed up, it's in our nature. It's what makes us who we are and it's why the world is so messed up, however it's also the thing that makes us beautiful. The purpose of this podcast is to explore the human condition. What causes us to so often be at discord, where alot of this comes from at it's source, and to do so from different perspectives. All in hopes that eventually we can find some common ground. Don't worry, you'll defintiely get a healthy dose of comic relief as well. You'll get to see me and my camp in our natural habit as we discuss interviews and interact with the special guests we have on the show. I'm really excited to open this dialogue and see where it takes us. Let's talk!   

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